Biggest Bang for the Buck!

The Society for Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) has asked me to say a few words at an upcoming meeting May 12. The SGMP asked if I could tailor my chat towards giving advice for both the exhibitor and attendee on getting the most “bang for the buck” at trade shows.

My goal is to leave both exhibitors and attendees with a quick takeaway for maximizing their time at a trade show. Here is a sneak peak:


  • Attendees spend the least amount of time on the trade show floor. Ahead of time create a tight, focused list of people you want to meet with, be proactive and try and set-up appointments with these people. Also, you may need to meet them at one of the seminars that they are attending or invite them out for breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee.


  • Create a list of things you want to learn about, as well as companies and people you wish to meet with. Be direct and set up appointments and time to network with people who can benefit your organization and your career.

Change the way you have been doing things at trade shows. Be proactive. Get out of your comfort zone. Get results.

What has caught your eye at a trade show lately? Leave a comment and tell me about it!


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